Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sorry....for the lack of post recently :P

I would likely to apologize to all of you because lack of post(s) recently since I'm facing with many exams in this 2 weeks, and for those who always commenting on what I wrote, I apologize once again to you since I've no time to reply on your comment. IMHO, I'll will try to reply on each on your comments ASAP since I'm caring of what  readers commented about. My policy was reply ALL of my comments because it may contained questions and ideas behind it. And then IMHO (sorry if I hurt the feelings of some blogwriters but I must "shout" it),  when I commenting on certain post in any blogs, I've felt really dissapointed when those comments leave unreplied. This was a basic thing you must do as blogger so that the readers feel your blog "alive" and they will come again to read your post in future. This may also will increase the rating of reader's visiting your blog daily.  I would like to thank those who reply each my comments and I really appreciate your concern. Another thing was later I'll make the reviews on my new HGUC MKII+flying armor and also Wanna all of of you decide which of my new gunpla will be reviewed from the list below:

2.NG 1/144 Turn A Gundam
3.HG 00 QAN[T]

Yeah, MG 00Raiser will be released soon. I wondering if they given with LED's for its Twin Drive (like its NG 1/100). If not, you should get it yourself at nearest electronic shop. Don't forget to bring the casing(the GN drive I mean) since the LED are vary in its size. each LED cost you around RM 1 each, so if you see it at your nearest hobby shop sells LED with the price over than that, so, WHY NEED TO PAY MUCH since you can get the same thing at same price?  I need to stop until here since I need to do revision on my next exam, ELETRICAL MACHINE.

until next time ;-)


  1. No worries bro! It's right to take priority on more importance things in life and thereafter returned to do what you enjoy. I can feel the sincerity of you replying comments and it will always be an enjoyable process pursuing your interest like Gunpla & the freedom of expression on this unique hobby. Cheers!

  2. well, the LED of course is cheap, but when it comes in its specific modules, it wont be cheap. in the case of OO, the module have its switch that complements the casing, so making out such specific module needs more cost on making molds etc