Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I'm back!

To those who questioning why this blog wasn't update lately, I really APOLOGIZE for my fault because lately I'm really,really busy with my final year electronic project instead tons of project listed below:

1. Entrepreneurship business plan: This was the toughest project to me due I haven't any foundation on this as a electrical/electronic student. The fact was all program must take this course. Orz.... need to go outing for research etc.

2.Electronic design project course: Through this courses, we learnt how to design a circuit board (Printed Circuit Board aka PCB) from computer to final hardware. Through this course also, we needed to complete 2 PCB project that was simple power supply and simple amplifier.

3.Invention competition: Due to the fact that I've become representative for my university in invention competition last year, my lecturer request me to enter it again. So, I needed to finish this unnamed project before September.

I may believe most of readers will label what I'm writing above as an excuse not for making post, but I trying to do it if could. If couldn't please apologize me again because I'm human, not enhanced human like newtypes etc. I will mark my word that I will try the best. There was the loots I got recently:

images credited from http://duelmasterng.blogspot.com/ bought from local hobby store Heng Kim Trading (or simply HKT) this was the huge HG I got and the price also quite promising me to get it. Priced for RM 96++ at HKT.

Images credited from http://rndmstuff.blogspot.com The gao2 version of 7 sword/G(though this was the bandai boxart due no internet source for gao2 version boxart) . It was really out of my mind that gao2 will produce this kit. I wondering will they produce 0 Gundam? Priced RM36++ at HKT.

Recently, most of gunplayers turned their interest on this kits due to their cool design and feature-added compared to badai HGUC Hi-Nu itself. I also not excluded to get this one. Priced RM118 at HKT.

others got:

Well, that's all from me. Wishing you happy Ramadan for Muslims and see you next time