Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Return

Greetings. It has been a long time since my last post. This was because I am too busy with my final semester before. I got too many of projects to be done until I only appeared online on my facebook account. I believe this not 'healthy' for my blog progress by long hiatus, but I choose something that more important than writing a post in blog. I hope all of the readers understands my condition. I don't announce my blog are 'dead' but with this post, this blog are still gaining live, even the chance of getting potential readers are low. But I not expecting that because my goal to set my blog was not gain many reader and set a huge fan of mine, but I more interested in sharing my ideas and knowledge of my builds and anything what I did. Okay, back to the story, my final was over and I got great result though I didn't get my dean list on my final semester (sigh). But I still happy with my results because I passed all my subjects. I hope I can start my review on gunpla after this post shortly and I WILL.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

HGUC MS-07B Gouf Review

 I would like to do a review  for this guy, so stay tuned.....


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Project C.W.S Overview

The project C.W.S was a project under Earth Federation (EF) Force.This project intended as testbed for production of the next GM variation MS. The project deployment was begin shortly after  OYW ends. Using the overall-customized GM and learning computer system of salvaged Core Fighter of Gundam, Amuro Ray has assigned to become the pilot for this suit. This GM has been customized in terms of armor type (where original GM that use titanum alloy as its armor has been replaced with Luna-titanium armor for better protection) , refitted with already-existed and experimental weaponry, improved performance far better than original Gundam itself and other special features that will be covered later.
          What advantages of this MS have compared to normal GM was most Zeon remnants will be tricked since they expect that this suit was weak in terms of armor due to the fact that GMs used titanium alloy that weaker than Luna-titanium that Gundam used. Second, this suit react quicker to Amuro's reflexes compared to original gundam since using improved joint motor instead applying magnetic coating to joint too. Lastly, this suit concept become predecessor of next GMs model such as GMIII and GM Sniper.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Finally.....My 5th semester was end

Finally my 5th semester was ended.. with tons of works and assignment during that period. next semester could become final semester for me. For now on, I will reviewing my gunpla as many as I could. Instead, I entered GB in Gundam Australia Forum (GAF) titled Vanguard of Zeon. Details please go here:


and will also enter the G-Shot competition later with secret project titled Project C.W.S. Details should be covered later.

Until Next time :D

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I'm back!

To those who questioning why this blog wasn't update lately, I really APOLOGIZE for my fault because lately I'm really,really busy with my final year electronic project instead tons of project listed below:

1. Entrepreneurship business plan: This was the toughest project to me due I haven't any foundation on this as a electrical/electronic student. The fact was all program must take this course. Orz.... need to go outing for research etc.

2.Electronic design project course: Through this courses, we learnt how to design a circuit board (Printed Circuit Board aka PCB) from computer to final hardware. Through this course also, we needed to complete 2 PCB project that was simple power supply and simple amplifier.

3.Invention competition: Due to the fact that I've become representative for my university in invention competition last year, my lecturer request me to enter it again. So, I needed to finish this unnamed project before September.

I may believe most of readers will label what I'm writing above as an excuse not for making post, but I trying to do it if could. If couldn't please apologize me again because I'm human, not enhanced human like newtypes etc. I will mark my word that I will try the best. There was the loots I got recently:

images credited from http://duelmasterng.blogspot.com/ bought from local hobby store Heng Kim Trading (or simply HKT) this was the huge HG I got and the price also quite promising me to get it. Priced for RM 96++ at HKT.

Images credited from http://rndmstuff.blogspot.com The gao2 version of 7 sword/G(though this was the bandai boxart due no internet source for gao2 version boxart) . It was really out of my mind that gao2 will produce this kit. I wondering will they produce 0 Gundam? Priced RM36++ at HKT.

Recently, most of gunplayers turned their interest on this kits due to their cool design and feature-added compared to badai HGUC Hi-Nu itself. I also not excluded to get this one. Priced RM118 at HKT.

others got:

Well, that's all from me. Wishing you happy Ramadan for Muslims and see you next time

Sunday, May 29, 2011

GN Sword 4 review

Long time no see... since I have lotsa work during this holiday...orz and finally managed to review this guy