Thursday, October 13, 2011

Project C.W.S Overview

The project C.W.S was a project under Earth Federation (EF) Force.This project intended as testbed for production of the next GM variation MS. The project deployment was begin shortly after  OYW ends. Using the overall-customized GM and learning computer system of salvaged Core Fighter of Gundam, Amuro Ray has assigned to become the pilot for this suit. This GM has been customized in terms of armor type (where original GM that use titanum alloy as its armor has been replaced with Luna-titanium armor for better protection) , refitted with already-existed and experimental weaponry, improved performance far better than original Gundam itself and other special features that will be covered later.
          What advantages of this MS have compared to normal GM was most Zeon remnants will be tricked since they expect that this suit was weak in terms of armor due to the fact that GMs used titanium alloy that weaker than Luna-titanium that Gundam used. Second, this suit react quicker to Amuro's reflexes compared to original gundam since using improved joint motor instead applying magnetic coating to joint too. Lastly, this suit concept become predecessor of next GMs model such as GMIII and GM Sniper.


  1. Nice sharing. I like anything that got to do with GM.

  2. Yeah....Since GM was a pretty basic model so you can easily done customization on it ^.^