Wednesday, June 2, 2010

TT Hongli HG Nadleeh Gundam Review

WTF?! My Nadleeh Can this? 0_0 Let see how 'she' did it......

Actually, bought this guy about RM 25. (about USD7.55).....

This 'lady' (lady?! Since she got hair XD) has long., rubbery red hair. That red hair was the GN cable that connected to Virtue, outer armor of Nadleeh. Also, I change the sticker inside condenser  with Exia Trans-am Condenser sticker....looks nice.

Nadleeh's beam rifle............

And the is similar to Plutone's weapon( if I not mistaken!)

And the only weapon from Virtue that Nadleeh get from it was a pair of beam saber...

Final Beam saber attack!

Besides having beam saber, the beam rifle can also become beam saber.

From this picture, I have modified the  legs as I've seen how ZD (Here his post) he do modification on his Nadeleeh's legs.....So cool.

Actually, this lady's finger (not ladies finger LOL) maybe was broken during shipment and I mod it into like photo shown above. This the first hand of gunpla that i mod into like this XD

Full..........full firepower..............

Yosh....Before you end, watch this first:


  1. Im still scared,that,that thing stole the hair motif from the beloved Allenby's Nobel gundam >.<

    But thats some awesome mods youve done there, especially the knee guard seperation.
    "F" you pose^^ LOL

  2. Haha.............Since the hands was 'badly' damaged during shipment XD