Friday, June 4, 2010

Bandai HGUC Rick Dom Review

Well, I bought this thing two years ago at price RM 110(about USD 33.86) Today, Just Gonna review HGUC Char's Rick Dom.

By comparing their height, It can be assumed that Char's Rick Dom was slightly higher than G3 Gundam

From front and rear photo, This guy looks 'wide' and 'bulky' for me.

This guy's eye is movable. Just open the red plastic to move it.

The name of this weapon is Mega Bazooka Launcher(if I not mistaken) Its a really BIG Bazooka. 

Another weapon included for this guy is heat saber and typical Dom bazooka. Since Mega Bazooka Launcher was glued together with Dom's hand, I give this Dom bazooka to my HGUC Zaku II  

Wow! Super Output!?

Familiar with this action?
First time I made decalling job, Since this kit includes decal.

It's time for action.............

Yeah, Beat Amuro!

As a conclusion, I love the mono-eye of this guy since it was movable. And I really dissapointed to its hand since it was loose due to time. here are What I've found in Youtube:


  1. That BFG is really getting on to me, though I still like dom in its Default colors^^

  2. For me, This red Dom is something rare for me ^^