Tuesday, June 8, 2010

TT Hongli HG00 Seraphim Gundam Review( with Motion Review)

Alo Guys. Today I would like to share with you my new Seraphim Gundam. This Review I used my newly discovered tecnique named Motion Review. And maybe I the first person to introduce this, maybe. I bought this guy at price RM24++(or USD7.22).

This is front and rear view of Seraphim Gundam

The only weapon that Seraphim Gundam have is beam saber( two long and one short beam part). This guy really lack on weaponry

This is face burst mode......I fuctioning during Seraphim become backpack at Seravee and activation of Trial system at episode 49

Basic joint extension....

Actually hand can change into Quad Cannon but I don't have Seravee's Quad cannon part 

some action from Seraphim Gundam

Compared with 00, I seems that Seraphim is lower than 'him'

Rear view of backpack transformation of seraphim.

Front view of backpack of seraphim.

and before you end up your reading....

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my reviews today ^^.


  1. *Gasp*

    Woot that's new, motion review of bro. ^^

  2. ^_^,Thats freaking Inovative, less use of pic, yet you can still cover up a large section with one image. My only suggestion is tripod of some sort, unless your using a cam phone.

  3. @ Evaritrus: Maybe I'm the first one who introduced it ^^

    @ Gunstray: actually I'm using tripod but due to unknown reasons, it cannot in stationary position ^^"

  4. hmm motion review..pretty good job
    but require lots of photo taking + editing for those stop motion..still a good job

  5. yup...thats made me temporarily crazy XD due to too much taking photos