Monday, September 20, 2010

A Wakening of trailblazer Review from Any Hollywood site

Well, the Gundam 00 was on cinema since yesterday. I bet most of you may wanna know the information about it. I found its review from Any Hollywood site. the interesting thing is Dynames Gundam was appeared in this movie. Also, the 00 Raiser firstly appeared in this movie before Qan [T] and Qan[T] have another usage instead as MS role. according to this site, second form of  Raphael Gundam are called Seravee by Tieria Erde. You MUST read this review since it contains an interesting facts. Just click for here more info.

hope you enjoy it  =)

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  1. I REALLY WANT TO SEE THIS MOVIE NOW! Saw the spoiler.

    I actually have an idea for my own Gundam story which having aliens. And coincidentally Gundam OO has that idea and also the first Gundam movie to have it!

    Anyway, thanks for this spoiler. XD