Monday, September 27, 2010

Many things happening this week

First of all, I wanna to make apologize due to lack of post lately because I need to concentrate to my final exams which will start next month. My calculus subject ( urrgh....the toughest subject that I've ever meet) need more reinforcement because its soooooo hard XP. Other thing was I bought TT Trojan's Astray Green Frame at ET Model shop and I planned to add striker pack system at its backpack(where It may able to add strike gundam's pack). Then, yesterday I felt really worried without any reasons. Until my mom calling me that my himalayan cat, Kimi found dead. The saddest thing was she wait my family at door until her death invited her. It was really a loss for me but I let her go .


  1. i wish you all the best to your studies. I'm also going slow these days on blogging. Seems like the same for those around me.

  2. Thank you :D . I think I will back blogging if all things has settled down

  3. gd luck then exam is much more important