Saturday, May 14, 2011

I think wanna plan to a group build (GB)

I planned to create a GB which consist of this rules:

1)Salvage your old gunpla.
2)Customize it in terms of colour scheme OR adding functionality on it.
3)weathering, recolor it using same colour scheme will not considered as customization.
4)Open for all gunpla builders (or I call it Gunplayers) around the globe.
5)no time FOREVER...

And also I planned to invite GaiGun,GG and other fellow comrades (later will be revealed) as commentator. My intention to create it was I want to see the Gunplayers talent by showing their skills on the gunpla customaization. That's all for it. Ja ne~~


  1. my advice, make the subject clearer. by saying old gunpla, do you mean vintage kits or gunplas that we already have long time ago? making a clear subject of a GB is very helpful :)