Sunday, July 4, 2010

Last Word( or not actually XP - unrelated to suicide or dead either)

Well, its time for me to back into my university. Its time to back into action. Hoping that to get listed in Dean's list and not wanted to repeat the failure that I made in semester 1 beside to submit my entries on my new invention(cannot tell it until the competition day). maybe not make new post as frequent, but surely will make it one at least once in a week(since if I not make it one, this blog will turned into empty zombieland) . Okay, need to pack everthing to may bag now ^^.(Oh, for ZD,my fellow blogger, its time to start a new life on campus, so be as strong as diamond, not metal)


  1. Good luck my friend to your upcoming challengers. Still blogging and I will drop by often.

  2. Hahaha, You and ZD take care now, and while your at it, spread the Gunpla pois-- I mean Luve^^

    Oh and get "Z" you'll need a lot^^

  3. @katsuden: Yup,thanks a lot :) . I will struggle and survive at any condition even at north or south pole :P

    @Gunstray: haha...I will spread it XD